What Parents Say

Our camps are unlike any other place on earth. They are steeped in tradition and built on joy of relationships with Jesus Christ. Camp is about truly living life! It is about living life the way God intended it, to the full. The adventures, friendships, and fun at camp are unbelievable…but don’t take our word for it, listen to what some of our parents say:

"This was one of the top weekends that my family of 6 has spent together. It was great to be able to get away with no electronics, no distractions, and no interruptions or activities that split us up. We were able to just focus on us and what we wanted to work on as a family!" -- Family Camp

"I feel like this weekend solidified my bond with my son as the one who teaches him about christ and his love for us. It was a perfect time with my son. He called the shots...if he wanted to run, then we ran. The only person who had a better time than me was him!" -- Father & Son

"It gave us time away from our hectic schedule to work on our spiritual well-being as well as have fun and worship together at HER special place - Camp Crestridge! You created time and space for moms to talk to their girls. We were able to nurture, encourage, laugh and grow with our girls. This weekend helped strengthen our relationship and grow in God's promises!" -- Mother & Daughter

"We LOVED being at Camp! We loved meeting and getting to know the staff, we loved the families we met, we loved having nothing to do -- no distractions -- but just spending time together! FUN! and more FUN! and quality time was so good!" -- Family Camp

"In addition to playing fun games that they love from camp, it was an opportunity to talk with my sons and let them know how proud I am of them and how much I love them! It was a place to be, without distractions." -- Father & Son

"What a blessing this Mother & Daughter Camp was for us! We knew it would be a fun-filled weekend (and it delivered ten-fold), but we had no idea just how meaningful the discussions and intentional projects and directives would be. I am indeed thankful and humbled that God entrusted me with His beautiful child to parent and to lead in the ways of a Christlike woman. What a beautiful journey the mother-daughter relationship is, and weekends like this one flavor it with God-centered moments and valuable relational tools. It is a weekend that we will always point to when we diverge on topics - bringing us back to pointing our eyes toward Him through it all. When our goal as a girl/woman is to glorify God, it is easier to weather situations on the same team. Thanks be to God for this precious weekend!" -- Mother & Daughter