Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does Ridgecrest Summer Camps do "Family Weekend Camps"? For years, parents have asked us on Opening or Closing Day during the summer, "When do I get a chance to do this?" or "When do you let the parents come do the zipline?" Well, now is your chance! For as long as our camps have been around, we think of ourselves as a family. When you attend camp or spend a summer serving at camp, you become part of the camp family. And now we want to invite you to be a part of what is going on here! Our goal is to create an environment and atmosphere that is a place where you and your family can get away, relax, and spend time focusing on what is truly important in life. Some of what we do here is planned, but much of it is unplanned, just time to hang out with your children.

Can we attend even if we've never been to camp before? Absolutely! A large percentage of our weekend camp attendees have never been to camp before. It provides a great opportunity to come to camp with your child, see what we are all about, and decide if Camp Crestridge or Ridgecrest would be a good place to send your child to summer camp!

Due to the distinct nature of each of our weekend camp events, we would like to redirect you to the FAQ's for each of those events. For further questions on our Family Camp, Father & Son Camp, or Mother & Daughter Camp, please follow these links and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Family Camp FAQs

Father & Son Camp FAQs

Mother & Daughter Camp FAQs

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